• Project

    The LEED Platinum Estate

  • Location

    Malibu, California

  • Date


  • Architecture
    • Barry Salehian Designs Inc.
  • Construction
    • Schaub Construction
  • Interior Design
    • Barry Salehian Designs Inc.
  • Acoustical Consultant
    • Paradise Theater
  • Photographer
    • Berlyn Photography

The Challenge

VIA was invited to automate one of the largest LEED Platinum rated homes in the country. The goal was to integrate HVAC, Lighting, Ventilation Windows, pool/ spa/ fountain control, audio video systems, security, security cameras, and a business grade gigabit wired and wireless network with long range outdoor cells that could reach over 500 feet, yet keep the operation simple so all family members could navigate the system, even the less tech-savvy members. We needed to design and build the home automation infrastructure utilizing a robust and expandable architecture to accommodate include integration of weather station with conditional logic, Window Shade automation, Solar PV power generation measurement, whole house power monitoring, water usage monitoring, rain water capture monitoring. The Crestron control system would be relied upon to help with the energy-efficiency, and therefore the desired LEED Platinum rating. The major challenge of this project, making it truly unique, was incorporating the client’s custom-designed LED lighting control system that he designed to run on DC (direct current), not AC power.

The Solution

VIA solved the lighting challenge by specifying a modified Crestron lighting system consisting of Crestron keypads and their DIN-AO8 analog output modules, which use 0-10V control to communicate dimming level’s to the customer’s lighting system. Other Crestron lighting components were used as well, along with Crestron remote controls and connected iPads.

VIA also developed a custom user interface to support the custom-designed LED lighting system. The lighting system was developed by the customer, a retired high technology executive. This home was the testing ground for the lighting system, so we pioneered our control interface as the client pioneered a new level of lighting efficiency. A powerful custom GUI interface communicates with the Crestron home automation system, easily integrates the lighting system, and allows the user to program and change lighting scenes with ease.

VIA’s desire to achieve lofty energy-saving lighting and home control needs, along with some sophisticated programming, made this project a success and contributed to the home earning a LEED Platinum rating.

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