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    Beverly Hills Smart Home Retrofit

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    Beverly Hills, California

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    • Berlyn Photography

The Challenge

This approximately 10,000 square foot home was previously owned by celebrities and had a home automation system already installed which worked intermittently and wasn’t integrated as fully as the client wished. The property includes a 3,000 square foot Guest House and Tennis Pavilion which also needed to be tied into and controlled by the main automation system. We needed to update climate control interfaces and relocate the existing head end a few rooms away from the media room’s projection booth area, as the current location was repurposed. A new masking motorized hidden projection screen and front channel speakers, including subwoofers, needed to be installed into a 30 year-old elevator lift that rises from the floor. And we needed to do it all while without impacting the existing plaster walls… While the client lived in the home (and enjoyed the ability to watch TV and entertain) during the retrofit. Whew!

The Solution

Had this been a new home construction project, it’s scope would have been huge! The project was all the more impressive when you consider that it was completed as a retrofit… while the client was living in the home! The existing architecture and interior design of the home takes center stage, and the technology enhances the client’s enjoyment. lever customized programming allows intuitive house control with nearly every component hidden. The technology doesn’t draw attention to itself until the client wishes to access it. The client loves the ability to control the distant Guest House from either the main house controls or his iPhone.

VIA performed a full overhaul by removing the entire old system and replacing it with a Crestron automation system. The following subsystems are controlled: lighting, HVAC, motorized shades, pool/spa, house audio, audio/video systems, and CCTV. Most of these subsystems were already in place, though we overhauled the existing HVAC system with new remotely-located thermostats. The client desired control of the home from anywhere in the world from his iPhone, too. Done.

The existing installation used mainly locally located AV components, and we changed this into a central AV distribution system, with a new head end location. The old system used local DirecTV receivers and DVD players in each video zone. For convenience, we created a few automated macros for the client’s entertainment needs. “Entertain” sets the home’s lighting and climate to a preset level and brings up certain house audio zones to a preset Pandora station at a preset volume level. “Outdoor Entertain” sets all of the many outdoor zones only to a preset Pandora station, at preset volume levels.

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