• Project

    “Bel Air Circuit” Media Room

  • Location

    Beverly Hills, California

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  • Photographer
    • Berlyn Photography

The Challenge

This home was previously owned celebrities and had an outdated 35mm projection system and standard video projector. The existing control system did not work reliably and the client wanted an upgrade to the latest D-Cinema movie standard. Despite the D-Cinema projection system and powerful sound system, this room is NOT a dedicated home theater space. It serves mainly as the client’s Lounge / Living Room, and great expense was incurred to make the technology completely disappear when the system is off. The room was initially built with sound isolation in mind, though no special acoustic treatments are in this room. The client did not want to compromise the look of this space with fabric-covered walls or acoustic treatments. VIA’s objective was to completely revamp and update this out of date system and make it work reliably while preserving existing architecture.

The Solution

The most fascinating aspect of this room is its split personality. It is a beautiful and formal Living Room / Lounge with a bar in the back of the room. The client often enjoys drinking fine Scotch with friends; without using any technology. Though with a simple button press on the Crestron handheld remote control or his iPad, the room transforms into an ultra high-performance D-Cinema-equipped media room, complete with 144″ diagonal screen.The screen and front speakers are hidden, as is the projector display. Without the system on you would not know there is a media room system in the room, and only the flush-mounted speaker grilles for the rear-channel speakers give any hint that there is any sound system in the room. The front channel speakers and subwoofers rise out of the floor, built into the same jig that holds the motorized Stewart masking screen. Eight in-ceiling high-performance Revel speakers are painted to match the wall finish. When the AV system is on, one panel raises, another lowers, revealing the glass projector ports from the projection. Due to the need to keep the space in its existing Living Room / Lounge / Bar format, we used the JBL’s excellent EQ system to maximize audio performance at the existing seating positions. Since the room has glass paneled doors and windows, the space was much too bright for good video performance. Motorized blackout shades now close to darken the space for mid-day viewing, integrated with the control system for the first time. Sophisticated audio calibration resulted in the system achieving THX standards for levels and frequency response for a home cinema. Amazing!

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